illummi 12w Led Nail Lamp

illummi 12w Led Nail Lamp.

Special Features

Cures all five fingers at once

Suitable for toes Preset 30,60,90 seconds or 30 minute timer.

Eye shield to avoid looking directly at LEDs

High intensity diamond reflectors

Ergonomic design

Compact design to save space

Never need to replace LED bulbs

Consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,000th hour

Meets standard safety compliances world-wide

 Operating Instructions  

Always plug your illummi Led Nail Lamp directly into a wall socket for maximum power, rather than into an extension lead.

Make sure your illummi Led Nail Lamp is connected securely.

Always unplug your illummi Led Nail Lamp when it is not in use.

Be sure to follow the illummi One Step Gel Polish application guideline.

Ensure correct positioning of your hands or feet in the lamp as exposure must be direct from the lamp to the nail. Hands/feet  should be flat with all nails pointing upwards towards the light. Fingers/toes too far apart or tilted may not cure properly.

If you have found your gel to be slightly tacky after curing, then you may have incorrectly placed your fingers or toes. Simply put them back in the lamp and cure again, correctly placing your hands or feet.

The illummi Led Nail Lamp has 4 settings. Choose which is applicable to you, press the button and cure. Once the selected time is over the lamp will stop curing.


Safety Guide

Unplug your illummi Led Nail Lamp when not in use.

Do not immerse or use near water.

Do not look directly into the illummi Led Nail Lamp.

Discontinue use if for any reason you are sensitive to LED light.

Do not over expose your nails or skin to UV light.

Do not use for any other product that is not formulated for LED curing.

Cleanse your lamp using a mild detergent and dampened cloth, do not soak the bulbs.

Take special care to not get gel onto the bulbs, this could damage your lamp.

Clean the metal base to ensure efficient curing and reflecting. Care should be given to areas near the LED lights as these are delicate. If fingers and toes are correctly positioned within the lamp then no gel should come into contact with the reflective areas.

If your lamp gets hot then remove your hands/feet immediately.

Keep gels away from the lamp to prevent from hardening.

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illummi 12w Led Nail Lamp

illummi 12w Led Nail Lamp

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