illummi Clear Non Wipe Top Coat

The worlds first one step gel for home use. Now you can finally have salon perfect nails in the comfort of your own home.

Here at The Nail and Lash Boutique we really believe its every womans right to look and feel beautiful. We try to stock products that we know you will fall in love with. Whilst we appreciate there is something very special about being pampered in a salon, we also understand that sometimes this isnt always possible. This new concept in gel polish now makes it easier for you get beautiful nails at home.

illummi Clear Top Coat

Unique formula that dries instantly.  NO STICKY LAYER TO WIPE.

Use illummi Clear Top Coat for added shine, or if your nails need some extra protection.

We also recommend using illummi Clear Top Coat to complete your French Manicure.

Apply a thin layer to your completed manicure and cure :

Led Lamp 60 Seconds

UV Lamp   2 Minutes


Once cured you do not need to wipe your nails they will be instantly dry.




We recommend using Oulac remover wraps.

1. Gently buff your nails using side No1 on the illummi "buff them" Nail Buffer.

2. Open a Sachet, pop your finger or toe in. Secure the packet.

3. Leave on for about 10 minutes.

4. Brush away loose polish

Follow the link to watch the video

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Are you sure there will be no sticky layer?

Yes we can absolutely promise you 100% there is no sticky layer to wipe. Your nails will be dry as soon as they leave the lamp.

Do I need a Top Coat?

When using illummi One Step Gel, you do not need a Top Coat or Base Coat, however we recommend using it should you require extra strength, shine or a longer lasting manicure.

Should I use a Top Coat when doing a french manicure?

Yes most definatley, in our opinion a french mancures deserves extra shine !

Will applying Top Coat mean that my manicure will take longer to remove?

No not at all. Gently buff your nail before removal to break the seal and removal will be exactly the same





illummi Clear Non Wipe Top Coat

illummi Clear Non Wipe Top Coat

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