illummi Beauty Sponge

This little egg shaped wonder is all you need to apply your foundation to perfection.

Achieve a perfect flawless finish within minutes.

Step 1 - Soak the sponge in water.

Step 2 - Squeeze out excess water.

Step 3 - Use the sponge to dab on your usual foundation.

We suggest your clean your illummi Beauty Sponge once a week using a mild soap or baby shampoo.

*Please note this sponge needs to be soaked first.

Hypoallergic sponge

Coming soon.

I really dont know why I have never used a sponge before to apply my foundation, amazing finish thank you - Barbara from Blackpool

At first I forgot to wet the sponge BIG MISTAKE !! Ladies you must soak the sponge !! - Tracey from Isle of Wight

Will my sponge split ?

If you do not clean it then yes it will, you must look after your sponge and wash it on a regular basis.

Is this the same as the Beauty Blender ?

All  sponges are pretty much the same, however the illummi Beauty Sponge is cost effective, tried and tested and we love it.

illummi Beauty Sponge
illummi Beauty Sponge

illummi Beauty Sponge

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